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Harmonized System Code Description
[2101]  HS Code 210111 Extracts, essences and concentrates of coffee
[2101]  HS Code 210112 Preparations with a basis of extracts, essences or concentrates of coffee or with a basis of coffee
[2101]  HS Code 210120 Extracts, essences and concentrates of tea or mate, and preparations with a basis of these extracts, essences or concentrates, or with a basis of tea or mate
[2101]  HS Code 210130 Roasted chicory and other roasted coffee substitutes, and extracts, essences and concentrates thereof
[2102]  HS Code 210210 Active yeasts
[2102]  HS Code 210220 Inactive yeasts; other dead single-cell micro-organisms (excl. packaged as medicaments)
[2102]  HS Code 210230 Prepared baking powders
[2103]  HS Code 210310 Soya sauce
[2103]  HS Code 210320 Tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces
[2103]  HS Code 210330 Mustard flour and meal, whether or not prepared, and mustard
[2103]  HS Code 210390 Preparations for sauces and prepared sauces; mixed condiments and seasonings (excl. soya sauce, tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces, mustard, and mustard flour and meal)
[2104]  HS Code 210410 Soups and broths and preparations therefor
[2104]  HS Code 210420 Food preparations consisting of finely homogenized mixtures of two or more basic ingredients, such as meat, fish, vegetables or fruit, put up for retail sale as infant food or for dietetic purposes, in con…
[2105]  HS Code 210500 Ice cream and other edible ice, whether or not containing cocoa
[2106]  HS Code 210610 Protein concentrates and textured protein substances
[2106]  HS Code 210690 Food preparations, n.e.s.