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Harmonized System Code Description
[9301]  HS Code 930100 Military weapons, incl. sub-machine guns (excl. revolvers and pistols of heading 9302 and cutting and thrusting weapons of heading 9307)
[9302]  HS Code 930200 Revolvers and pistols (excl. those of heading 9303 or 9304 and sub-machine guns for military purposes)
[9303]  HS Code 930310 Muzzle-loading firearms, neither designed nor suitable for projecting cartridges
[9303]  HS Code 930320 Sporting, hunting or target-shooting shotguns, with at least one smooth barrel (excl. muzzle-loading firearms and spring, air or gas guns)
[9303]  HS Code 930330 Sporting, hunting and target-shooting shotguns with one or more rifled bores (other than spring, air or gas guns)
[9303]  HS Code 930390 Firearms and similar devices which operate by the firing of an explosive charge (excl. sporting, hunting or target-shooting rifles, revolvers and pistols of heading 9302 and military weapons)
[9304]  HS Code 930400 Spring, air or gas guns and pistols, truncheons and other non-firearms (excl. swords, cutlasses, bayonettes and similar arms of heading 9307)
[9305]  HS Code 930510 Parts and accessories for revolvers or pistols, n.e.s.
[9305]  HS Code 930521 Smooth barrels for sporting, hunting and target-shooting rifles of heading 9303
[9305]  HS Code 930529 Parts and accessories for sporting, hunting and target-shooting rifles of heading 9303, n.e.s.
[9305]  HS Code 930590 Parts and accessories for weapons and the like of heading 9301, 9303 or 9304, n.e.s.
[9306]  HS Code 930610 Cartridges for riveting or similar tools or for captive-bolt humane killers and parts thereof, n.e.s.
[9306]  HS Code 930621 Cartridges for smooth-barrelled shotguns
[9306]  HS Code 930629 Parts of cartridges for smooth-barrelled shotguns; lead shot for air rifles and pistols
[9306]  HS Code 930630 Cartridges and parts thereof for smooth-barrelled shotguns, revolvers and pistols
[9306]  HS Code 930690 Bombs, grenades, torpedos, mines, missiles, and other ammunition and projectiles, and parts thereof, n.e.s. (excl. cartridges)
[9307]  HS Code 930700 Swords, cutlasses, bayonets, lances and similar arms and parts thereof, and scabbards and sheaths therefor (excl. of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal, blunt weapons for fencing, hunting …