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Harmonized System Code Description
[9501]  HS Code 950100 Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children, e.g. tricycles, scooters, pedal cars (excl. normal bicycles with ball bearings); dolls' carriages
[9502]  HS Code 950210 Dolls representing only human beings, whether or not clothed
[9502]  HS Code 950291 Garments and accessories, footwear and headgear for dolls representing only human beings
[9502]  HS Code 950299 Parts and accessories for dolls representing only human beings, n.e.s.
[9503]  HS Code 950310 Electric trains, incl. tracks, signals and other accessories therefor
[9503]  HS Code 950320 Scale model assembly kits, whether or not working models (excl. electric trains, incl. tracks, signals and other accessories therefor)
[9503]  HS Code 950330 Construction sets and constructional toys (excl. scale model assembly kits)
[9503]  HS Code 950341 Stuffed toys representing animals or non-human creatures
[9503]  HS Code 950349 Toys representing animals or non-human creatures (excl. stuffed)
[9503]  HS Code 950350 Toy musical instruments and apparatus
[9503]  HS Code 950360 Puzzles
[9503]  HS Code 950370 Toys, put up in sets or outfits (excl. electric trains, incl. accessories, scale model assembly kits, construction sets and constructional toys, and puzzles)
[9503]  HS Code 950380 Toys and models, incorporating a motor (excl. electric trains, scale model assembly kits, and toys representing animals, human or non-human creatures)
[9503]  HS Code 950390 Toys, n.e.s.
[9504]  HS Code 950410 Video games for use with a television receiver
[9504]  HS Code 950420 Billiards and accessories
[9504]  HS Code 950430 Games with screens, flipper and other coin-operated or disc-operated games (excl. bowling alley equipment)
[9504]  HS Code 950440 Playing cards
[9504]  HS Code 950490 Tables for casino games, automatic bowling alley equipment, and other funfair, table or parlour games, incl. pintables (excl. coin-operated or disc-operated, billiards, video games for use with a televisio…
[9505]  HS Code 950510 Christmas articles (excl. candles and electric lighting sets, natural Christmas trees and Christmas tree stands)
[9505]  HS Code 950590 Festival, carnival or other entertainment articles, incl. conjuring tricks and novelty jokes, n.e.s.
[9506]  HS Code 950611 Skis, for winter sports
[9506]  HS Code 950612 Ski bindings
[9506]  HS Code 950619 Ski equipment for winter sports (other than skis and ski-fastenings [ski-bindings])
[9506]  HS Code 950621 Sailboards
[9506]  HS Code 950629 Water-skis, surfboards and other water-sport equipment (other than sailboards)
[9506]  HS Code 950631 Golf clubs, complete
[9506]  HS Code 950632 Golf balls
[9506]  HS Code 950639 Golf equipment (excl. balls and complete clubs)
[9506]  HS Code 950640 Articles and equipment for table-tennis
[9506]  HS Code 950651 Tennis rackets, whether or not strung (excl. table-tennis bats)
[9506]  HS Code 950659 Badminton and similar rackets, whether or not strung (other than tennis rackets and table-tennis bats)
[9506]  HS Code 950661 Tennis balls (excl. table tennis balls)
[9506]  HS Code 950662 Inflatable balls
[9506]  HS Code 950669 Balls (excl. inflatable, tennis balls, golf balls, and table-tennis balls)
[9506]  HS Code 950670 Ice skates and roller skates, incl. skating boots with skates or rollers attached
[9506]  HS Code 950691 Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics, athletics, other sports, incl. table-tennis, or outdoor games, not specified or included in this chapter or elsewhere; swimming pools and p…
[9506]  HS Code 950699 Articles and equipment for sport and outdoor games n.e.s; swimming and paddling pools
[9507]  HS Code 950710 Fishing rods
[9507]  HS Code 950720 Fish-hooks, whether or not snelled
[9507]  HS Code 950730 Fishing reels
[9507]  HS Code 950790 Line fishing tackle n.e.s; fish landing nets, butterfly nets and similar nets; decoys and similar hunting or shooting requisites (excl. decoy calls of all kinds and stuffed birds of heading 9705)
[9508]  HS Code 950800 Roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries and other fairground amusements; travelling circuses, travelling menageries and travelling theatres (excl. booths, incl. the goods on sale, goods for distribution as…